The Team

Inspired Knowledge are proud to provide bespoke market research solutions.

It is led by Elizabeth Birch, whose passion for Market Research, (and perhaps a little of her inquisitive nature!), assists her in the quest to provide the best possible solutions to business problems where knowledge is the key.

With over 20 years experience delivering market research solutions, she enjoys the challenge of creating and shaping projects to deliver useable insight.

Inspired Knowledge work with select partners, all experienced within their specific field or sector of Market Research.  Whether they are conducting telephone interviews, face to face depth studies or street interviews, they are exceptionally good at leading conversations forward professionally and confidently, whilst gaining insight around a subject or question without leading the answers or being too familiar.

Inspired Knowledges research solutions are also complemented by a small number of select Associate Consultants, each an expert within a specific business sector or discipline.  Their expertise and experience within their field can be called upon to provide the best possible solution for our clients, frequently offering greater depth and strategic viewpoints for exceptional final results.