An Introduction to Market Research Techniques – Telephone Research

Telephone Market Research is a primary market research technique used to administer surveys. This allows people, either from the consumer or the business community, to be interviewed remotely on a given subject.

A well designed telephone survey can provide excellent information and will allow the interviewer to collect useful details in a non-leading but detailed way. Normally a telephone survey will comprise predominantly of closed questions that are easily measured, with a small number of open questions to expand on certain answers.

Detailed sampling can allow interviewees to be targeted who fit a specific criteria for the research project. This may be based on experience, areas of interest, age, gender, location, job title, type of business, buying habits or other measurable criteria.

Typically an interview will last between 1 minute and 20 minutes – any longer and the interviewer is at risk of losing the interviewees attention and good will in participating in the research.

Using the telephone means that geography is not an issue. Even language is not a barrier with many research agencies employing trained linguists or international researchers as part of their team.

Whilst telephone market research is normally more costly than undertaking surveys via the post or online, candidates are more likely to participate if asked directly, and are more inclined to complete the survey in full with a researcher encouraging them. This is frequently a preferred method used in many research projects.

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