Reduce your Market Research Costs 3 – combine external support with internal resources

Professional market research agencies are experts in their field. However, before you commission a project consider (realistically based upon your project time-frame) what resources and expertise you already have in-house that could help with the study.

A good agency will be happy to work alongside an internal team, providing support in the areas that are needed rather than taking over the whole project. Naturally, you will need to discuss your intentions when you are asking agencies to quote for the project, but once they have discussed your information need and established the best approach to ensure the project delivers your end objective, the agency should then be able to provide you with some key options:

  • Employ them to simply undertake the research and return the raw data for you to interpret in-house, or
  • Employ them to also analyse the results and return the data accompanied by key charts and a narrative for you to fully interpret in-house, or
  • If you don’t have the expertise (or frequently the time) to conduct the full interpretation they will provide this and even help you create a strategy if it is called for.

Employing help where you require it will mean that you will only pay for the external support you need.

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